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Bruktoe Diaries: Day 4

I gotta say.. this broken toe business is harder than I thought it would be to cope with. My whole body aches because I'm hopping around on one foot and having to lift my body weight using crutches 24/7. It's a whole other use of my muscles that my body is not accustomed to and now it's sore. Guess it will take time to adjust.

Anyhoo, this morning my baby niece called to invite me to dim sum. I thought ahh perfect opportunity for me to try and get around outside as a cripple. Good idea right? WRONG.

Today is not wash hair day, so it's another martini glass bath for me. :oP I tried to get dressed in something cute. Took me forEVAR. 1 cute boot, 1 wooly sock. woah boy..

I hobbled my way down the hallway. and approached the stairs

Ah we meet again dreaded foe..

I brace myself and my crutches and put them down on the first step. 1 down. ok.. next? I lose my balance and BAM! ON MY ASS. ON THE STAIRS. thank GOD i didnt fall forward or else that would've been a whole other trip to the hospital for something else broken. my crutches go flying down the stairs and my mom and daughter scream.

I pull myself together and just scootch on my bum down the rest of the stairs. trying to get back up to use the crutches to go outside was tough. my legs really are very sore.

I try to go down the outdoor steps and manage to make it. A little wobbly, but I make it regardless.

Mom insists I drive. I gotta get used to getting around the city.

Again, exiting the car I try to get to the restaurant. Had to stop a couple times, so sore.. but I made it.

Dim Sum was nice. good to see fam. Worried I would trip in the hole in the floor that I know is there and they cover with carpet. dang hole, I never know exactly where it is, and have tripped in there several times.

Same story, on the way back to the car. had to stop a couple times. by now I'm exhausted. So you can imagine by the time I get home and have to go up 3 flights of stairs it's damn near impossible. I make it up the first 2 flights.. but the 3rd time, as they say is a charm. Weakness and fatigue caused me to not have the best balance and I went down again. ON THE STAIRS, crutches flying down to the bottom. Mom and daughter scream .. AGAIN. "Just.. go up the rest of the steps on your bum!" mom says.


I definitely jumped the gun in trying to get out there in the real world again. That was not a good idea.

Spent the rest of the day working on Chemistry. oh joy.

Played piano with my baby niece. all the disney favourites :oP

And helped my cousin naturally remove 4 moles from her face using an herb called Bloodroot.

Great stuff. Non invasive, no scalpel or freezing. All natural and the the body actually pushes the mole out. It's magical. I love that stuff.

Beat. Tired. Pooped.

Finally, time to put my feet up in bed. I notice if I dont, my foot swells up and starts throbbing again.

The family drama going on because of this broken toe is ridiculous, but that's for me to know and not to share as much as I love you familia. I can tell you, that I've been volunteered to work again, this time, not from home. If I fall and break something else, or can't even make it up the stairs to get home or even to the car.. It's on my dad. alllll his fault. :o( Grrrr....

til next entry..

peace and light


Hop Along Tired girl.


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