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Bruktoe Diaries: Day 5

Well hello my devoted followers, and welcome back to another day of bruk toeness. *applause*

A huge argument took place last night between my dad and I about me not feeling up to coming in to work. I was absolutely spent last night and didnt know if I'd have the strength to make it through a whole 8 hours not being able to elevate my feet and hobbling up and down the office, lifting things, bending to get things etc... He basically told me my job is at stake if I don't show my face at work. How inhumane of the company I work for to force me to come into work or they'll fire me. WHAT THE FLYING FRUCK?!?!

And so.. our heroine wakes up at the crack of dawn and braves the elements, 3 flights of stairs and unmatched footwear to go .. to .. work..

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you" Dad says. "If I fall and break something else, it's your fault" I grumble. "Fair enough" he says.

At work I cant do much else other than sit at my desk and stare at the same shit all day.

The promise my dad made to take care of me went null and void and it was now the receptionist's duty to take care of me. Poor lady, getting me tea, water, photocopying, scanning, bringing binders to and from my desk, getting piles of stuff off the printer for me, mailing things.. I owe her a nice lunch when this is all said and done. By the time I am on my way back from the washroom for the 3rd time, I'm moving much slower. phew! tired.. sore.. foot.. swollen.. Even putting my feet up on my hardrive on the floor isn't making a difference at this point. I'm SO ready to leave and get back into the usual position at home, in my bed, foot elevated. I'm a very independent person and hate that I can't do stuff for myself.. sigh.. such is the life of a cripple.

And I .. AM.. officially... a cripple, as shown HERE

Heh, a perk! I'm no longer one of THOSE people that "park in handicap spaces, while handicap people make handicap faces" noooo! I'm actually part of the handicap club!


I wonder if I can score 10 cent coffee like the senior citizens do now?

And so closes another obstacle defeated, by yours truly,

~ Hop Along Hottie

I leave you with the man who wrote the line "I park in handicap spaces, while handicap people make handicap faces" Dennis Leary - "I'm an Asshole" Enjoy.