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daz_meh in kaysun_music

Kaysuns mini man rant of the day...

Well hello my good people..

I thought I'd take a break from the bruk-toery to rant a tad about men. I do this a lot.. just not on my music blog. But I figure, hey, I've shown you my toe at its worst! We're practically family! So without further adeu.. here we go.

Ok.. I understand that men don't often get a kind word or gesture from a lady when you approach one. Usually it goes something like this.

MAN: *smiles* well HULLLOOO THERE.. *wink* What's your name beautiful? *holds girls hand*
LADY: *rips hand away* F*ck off as*hole!

Now.. I am not your typical girl. Mind you, the above mentioned situation I would react in the same way. However, I am not an as*hole and if you say hello to me whilst I'm walking I will return the sentiment. This goes the same way online. If you say hello to me and approach me in a respectful manner, I will return the sentiment most of the time. NOW.. Just because I do so it does not mean I am interested romantically in you and it most certainly does not mean I want to date you.

Now, in my existence on this planet thus far, I've encountered quite a few men who just because they were attracted to me and acted in a friendly or respectful manner to me, I am nice in return. Hey, I'm a nice person. But here's where it all goes awry. See.. THEY think that because they are attracted to me.. that I must OBVIOUSLY be attracted to them. And when I have to get rude or just straight shut them down, they either get pissed off, or say "Well I would like to think I'm attractive enough that you'd like me" or "I think I'm a good man and a nice person enough that you'd like me"..

Please understand, I can only somewhat put myself in a man's shoes to try and understand why he may act this way. What I have gathered as I mentioned in the opening of my rant.. is that men get shut down so often from women trying NOT to blur any lines and make it quite clear that there is no chance in hell they're going to have a romantic relationship, that I gather because a woman is nice enough to acknowledge their presence, they're so overjoyed that they assume she must be romantically interested in them or she wouldnt acknowledge them.

WRONG. I am a nice person, I'm cool with you if you're cool with me and show me the respect I deserve... BUT.. it doesnt mean I'm diggin you.


so please my friends.. do not assume ANY woman is diggin you unless she specifically states so or you're setting yourself up for a mean shutdown.

What "they" say about women is true.. A woman knows within the first 5 minutes of meeting you if she's romantically interested in you or not, and unfortunately my friends, there is nothing you can do to change that. There is no amount of time you can put in, hoping she'll change her mind. Cuz she won't.. and you'll be the "nice guy that finishes last" or in "friend territory" the 2 places you men hate the most.

So..Do yourselves a favour.. Do not assume anything. Introduce yourself, make nice conversation, be a gentleman. ASK FOR HER NUMBER or somethin to seal the deal. If she declines, she's not interested and she was just being a nice person. That's all you can do right? be nice, put your intentions respectfully out there and see what happens. If she's not interested, she's not interested. Don't torture yourself, just move on.. there are "plenty of fish" in the sea.


p.s. toe's getting better.. day by day. STILL cant wear close toe shoes.. but one day.. OHHH one day I will. And it.. will.. be... glorious!!!!!