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daz_meh in kaysun_music

Bruktoe Diaries: Day 230386587129874366

Man..this month is NOT my month. I break my toe, I encounter some man problems (what else is new .. men are from mars, women are from venus) I have a huge episode with psycho mom , and to top it off, a very big scare to do with my femaledom!

.... and my precious laptop is broken and I have resorted to writing this long coming entry on my cell phone.

I think the universe has smacked me in the face to be more responsible for my actions. Every action has a reaction or a consequence.

I hear you Universe. LOUD and clear. SEE BROKEN TOE.

Oh, and I just got a call from the peeps who are lookin at my laptop, it's busted. Gotta buy a new one.


This, my friends is why the bruktoe diaries has been on hiatus. As a result, the quality of my bruktoe diaries for now are going to be less than stellar. Weeeeee...


wow that is too much in one month. hope it gets better.