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daz_meh in kaysun_music

bruktoe diaries day 9823548723489

well hello my lovelies

Now that my laptop is back and running I can finally get back to my blogging about this dyam bruktoe business.

Its been 6 weeks since I broke my toe and it pretty much looks like it belongs to my foot again

Which is a FAR cry from THIS if you all remember:

I'm also finally able to wear an ACTUAL PAIR of shoes which is pretty damn exciting. Alas, still not able to wear heels but hey.. 2 shoes is progress!

At night I havent been keeping my toe wrapped up for the last few nights, and I find it doesnt bother me to walk around the house without it either. so today I've been doing that. BUT when it's time to put on shoes I tape up the toe to the next one and bind my foot. Can't be too careful!

I ditched the crutches a little over a week ago I think it's been now.. and I've been hobbling around without them. Thank goodness I was doing leg and foot exercises before I ditched the crutches. The journey to being able to have the strength to walk again would've been tough. Up until I ditched the crutches my whole leg and foot felt cold because I wasnt using them.

My hobbling is much less apparent now, although I do resemble a little old chinese lady crossing the street.. little shuffling steps all slow like.. you all know what I'm talking about haha! But I'll get my swagger back! You'll see!

I must say, being a cripple has been quite interesting. The amount of men that have hit on me while on crutches was RIDICULOUS! I can't quite understand men and their need to be a woman's heroic knight in shining armour. PUHLEASSSSSSE. I can say right now, I dont and didnt feel very sexy hobbling around in flats on crutches unable to do a THING for myself. UN-Fit, UN-Sassy. terrible terrible. And it's always when I feel I look my worst, that men approach me. Apparently I've got it all wrong. Making the effort to look good when I step out isn't going to get me a man, breaking my toe is LOL.

I did get a decent amount of piggy backs though, instead of having to take the stairs (from my guy friends of course, not random strangers)

Tonight Teedra Moses is at the Docks. I'm SOOOOOO hating that I'm not there because I LOVE her. I explained to a friend upon him asking why I'm not going.. that 1. I can't rock heels (If you know me, you know I dont step out without em) and 2. I dont need some drunken idiot stepping on my toe and mashing up mi sinting ALL over again. NO THANK YOU.

And so .. I wait.. I wait to be able to hit the town again... AND IT WILL BE EPIC