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daz_meh in kaysun_music

Bruktoe Diaries: THE CAR.

Just when you thought you couldn't get enough bruktoe diaries, I bring you ANOTHER entry.. in the SAME DAY. Woah.

Lets rewind to April 29th, 2010.

I had been eyeing the Nissan Cube for over a year. Saving for it, in fact. The powers that be told me to go the the Nissan dealership April 29th and only that day to go see about getting me a Cube. I made the appointment with my dad's friend, the manager of the dealership and put on something cute (as cute as a cripple can look anyway) and hobbled into the dealership on crutches.

Now.. the dealership has a GREAAAAAT set of stairs (/ sarcasm) that I had to try and get up on my crutches..

But anyway.. the manager had stepped out and I ended up having to see someone else. He was a younger guy, I could tell he was closer to my age.

What was it about April 29th? Why that day? I can only guess it's because I would end up having to deal with this younger guy to get a good deal on my car? So picture me.. crippled, but cute (as cute as a cripple can look anyway) trying to razzle and dazzle this young buck of a salesman .. ON CRUTCHES. (oh lawd)

I have no idea if it was because of my razzle dazzle or because my dad is buddies with the manager that I got a good deal on the car AND FREE DINNER, but I'll just pretend it was ALLL ME. (haha)

I got called a "Fire Fox" that day. That's a first. Lets see.. What is a fire fox? According to Webopaedia:

..Firefox is a free, open source Web browser for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It is based on the Mozilla code base and offers customization options and features such as its capability to block pop-up windows, tabbed browsing, privacy and security measures, smart searching, and RSS live bookmarks.

I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not, but I'll take it!

Anyway, I finally got it! IT'S MINNNEEEEE!

I got it in STICK, which I've always wanted.. but couldnt really drive cuz of the bruktoeness. But it's been a week now since I got it and I can finally drive it now and I LOVES IT! I got 16" gun metal alloy rims, back spoiler and hood moulding on it.

It's a fun drive at night because when you open the door, it's a LIGHT SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA! (i kid) The kick plates are illuminated with the word "cube" (the plate you step into the car on. I took these pics at night, without the flash so you all can see. I dunno, It's pretty gangsta *shrugs*

The lights under the dash and in the cup holders light up also, whatEVER colour I FEEL LIKE! Today, it's HOT PINK. WHY???? Because.. I'm a FIRE FOX. (lol)

Now, peeps who know me know I am an extremely NOVICE standard driver. So the first night, me and my bruktoe try and back this ish out the driveway. I live on a HILL AND my driveway is a .. you guessed it.. HILL. I stalled all the way up the driveway.. and when I finally made it out onto the road, which is a hill. I stalled.. and i COULDNT MOVE! I WAS.. MORTIFIED. And of course. theres some dumb bitch behind me honking to move even though I've got my hazard lights on. Go AROUND me bitch.. AROUND. but now.. I've got my bro on bluetooth and I'm screaming "I'M STUCCCKKKK! I'M STUCCKKKKK!" "Where's dad?!?!" bro exclaimed. I look to the house, and there is my dad. standing in the frikkin window, arms crossed... observing. WHHHATTTT THEEEE FUCCCCKKKK!?!?!?! Eventually I rev the engine enough to go SCREAMING down the street, but at least I'm not on a hill anymore. I get a voicemail from my dad that I never checked until I was hyperventilating into a paper bag back in my room after the whole ordeal(i kid) that says "Kay, just come inside and we'll try tomorrow" YESSSS just go ahead and call me from behind your comfy window while I am convulsing and screaming out in the middle of a hill on the road instead of coming out and helping me. THAT is a GREAT idea. (:oS)

But anyway, I've had some time to practice now, and I'm a much better driver. It's almost second nature going through the gears EXCEPT for 1st on a hill.. but I haven't stalled in a while, so that's good. Once my toe is 100% I can really drive this baby in some platform stilettos, with my party lights inside. HAAAAAAY! *snaps*

Another adventure from yours truly,

shuffleboard sassafrass.