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daz_meh in kaysun_music

bruktoe diaries: day 293848765


I absolutely LOATHE that I cannot wear you right now. I want to feel my calf muscles flexing as I stand up when I put you on. I want to admire your hot sexiness in the mirror while I sport a little black dress. LE SIGHHH..

One day my pretties.. one day hopefully soon I can wear you again.

Instead... I have to wear THESE

.....womp womp womp BOOOOORRRIINNNGGGGG.

Alas, I brought this all on myself by not wearing the appropriate foot attire to workout on a treadclimber. .. backwards..

All this agony I've experienced since breaking my toe, the crutches, the being cooped up in the house bored out of my skull, the martini glass baths and worst of all, being unable to wear my beloved heels.. it's ALL. MY . FAULT.

I accept that, and I'll NEVER. DO . THAT. AGAIN.

From now on, it's runners runners runners to workout .. unless I'm doin yoga or pilates.

Speaking of exercise, I've been able to get back into a little something, pilates mainly. I was finally able to do a VERY CAREFUL plank the other day. and I do a little boxing as well. no jumping around for me just yet.

Thank goodness for my cleanses I'm doing right now or I might be a big fat cow without being able to exercise lol.

Every day I scrunch my toes to get them pliable again.

As you can see they dont quite bend like the other foot but every day gets a bit better. I couldnt bend them at all before so.. this is a big improvement. my toe is still a bit swollen, but also improves day by day. soon I'll be back to normal and into my beloved heels.

i hope..


really soon.

until next time ..

cricktoe Cassie out.