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daz_meh in kaysun_music

the RE-bruktoed diaries ...

Cas I bonder ber u arrrr ahnd I bonder Bhaaaat yuh dooo..
Arrr u somewhere, peeling loneleee or ees someone lubbing yuuuhhh?
Tell me how to ween your heart, cas I habbent ghaaaattt a cluuueee..
Ahnd I bant to tell yu So machhh...
Mahal Kitahhhhhh!

*boisterous laughter*

Big spin annnnnd BANG.

right against the couch. Same toe. *Krick* I hear.

Greeeeaaattt. I said...

Figures. The saying "break a leg" before a great performance must have some merit. Oh yes.. my best filipino impression of Lionel Richie's "Hello" EVER. Great performance? Cant top it. of COURSE you know.. I'd have to RE FRACTURE my toe in the process. Wouldn't be a great performance without it.


So.. looks like we re-convene the Bruktoe diaries but now.. it's the RE-Bruktoe diaries.


Just when I was back into heels for outtings for short periods, no long walking.. NOW its back to the flip flops and buddy taping.

Til next time, yours truly..

Bruktoe Remix