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Apr. 10th, 2010



Bruktoe Diaries: Day 3 - The Adventures of Hop-A-Long Hottie

Sleep was tough. I was in PAIN. My foot hurts today more than before. and no, it doesn't "Hurt So Good" like I usually say when my body is sore from a good workout.

I wash my hair every other day. Normally, no problem! NOW? An adventure. I've been camped out in my room mostly the past couple days never once venturing down the stairs. I'm not trying to break anything else!

In fact, yesterday I used the upstairs washroom which has a shower/tub combo since I can't wet my foot unless I plan to change the dressing on it. So yesterday I hop hop hopped down the hallway for a bath. How does one bath themselves when they can't put their feet in the water?

Well, it kinda looked like this:

..except the unsexy version. Sure I coulda pointed my toes and put rhinestones on my ta's ta's .. but who's there to benefit except for my mom. *shudder* no bueno.

Anyway, I washed up with the quickness and figured out a way to get myself out of the tub, which I must say, was not the most graceful ladylike spectacle ever seen.

Today, my hair is looking dutty greasy. time to wash it, and time to change the dressing on my toe and foot. Doctor's orders!

1. Two flights of stairs
2. How the heck am I gonna stand long enough to wash my hair AND my bits?

Tackling #1: On the advice of Shilpabatiste on twitter, I cautiously put my crutches down on the step beneath me. smack in the middle of the step for stability and I took a leap into the unknown. Was I going to fall and bruk up mi sinting??!!?! have faith silly. u can do this! Step 1, SUCCESS! I continued on down to the second flight, had a tiny wobble on the 2nd last step but I made it.

Tackling #2: Before heading downstairs, mom and I strategized how I'd be able to wash my hair without falling down pon mi rass. The solution was to put the step ladder in the shower with a towel on the seat so my bits dont get contaminated with who other peoples pants germs that are on there. Yes fam.. I'm comin in like a senior citizen fi true! RIGHT down to the bench in the shower. :o/

Such is the life of a cripple.

Other than this new obstacle defeated, I have nothing else to tell you.

One might ask Kay, does this mean we have to read a blog from you EVERY .. DAY.. about your broken toe?

Most likely..

Cuz I ain't got shit else to do.

Peace and light! Your buddy,

Hop-A-Long Hottie
(Much love to shilpabaptiste on twitter for the revamp of my cripple name)


Bruktoe Diaries: Day 2

My dad comes into my room at the ass crack of dawn. My foot is bound and elevated. I'm in bed. "You know you have work today right?" "Uhh.. points to foot, I broke my toe. I'm not going nowhere" "So walk on it" he says. "BROKEN! IT'S BROKEN. I.. CANT.. WALK" I shake my head. "Well ok" he says and leaves the room. I fall back asleep.

I wake up to a phone call from daddy dearest, who has made arrangements to bring the work to me at home. Typical yardi parent. Unless mi gwine dead pon de floor, Ah muss goh to work. (sigh). Funny. He was feeling faint over his high blood pressure and he was all staying home and everybody had to play servant. How quickly we forget. hrm..

Anyway, The work is brought to me and I work from home. Barely.. I still dont have my crutches so hop around holly is hop hop hoppin everywhere she needs to go. Eventually I decide to use my ass chair as a wheelchair until mom brings me my crutches that evening.

Ahh, good ol' Ikea Ass chair. Fits my ass perfectly. I feel much better wheeling myself around in my trusty ass chair for the day. As long as I dont have to go downstairs, I'm gravy.

I consult the books. What herb can I use to help heal this faster? Result is none. For wounds, yes, but this is a broken bone. not the same thing. So this comes down to positive thinking. Thinking positive will help me heal faster and more healthy. Negative thoughts, words and emotions can lead to the physical manifestation of disease etc... Gotta work. THANKS DAD, so I'll have to think about positively thinking later.

A friend stops by to see how I'm doing. He warms up some homemade organic bean and vegetable soup for me and we sit and have lunch together. I'm glad for the company. He visits for a little and then has to go off to work. On his way out, he hands me a purple plate on a necklace. "Oh, I forgot I've had this for you". He hands it to me.. What is the supposed purpose of this purple plate? Dispelling negative energy and thereby encouraging positive energy and healing. DIDNT I JUST SAY I NEEDED TO FOCUS ON THAT A FEW HOURS AGO?

The mind is powerful. Positive and Negative words, thoughts and emotions are powerful and can affect us and our health. Don't believe me? Check out this vid of the Masaru Emoto rice experiment

I work.. hardly. Not much can be done. I'm in pain and I can't walk. AGAIN.. thanks DAD. :o/

Mom comes home, with crutches in hand.

Am I still hop along holly? Not AS much :oP

I spend the rest of the evening with my feet up in bed watching movies on my laptop. You know, it's amazing how you find out who really gives a crap about u when "disaster" strikes. Thank you to all those who have contacted me, visited me. I appreciate you all.

love love love

- signed,

Hop along Holly


Bruktoe Diaries: Day 1

I was suddenly hit with tiredness and didnt want to exercise. Ehhh I'll do it tomorrow. But I made a promise to myself to work out 5 days a week and if I didn't I'd be breaking my promise.. and I was doing so well! (Another story involving the evil loaves of french bread given to our family during Christmas holidays that did my mid section a HUGE disservice).

I told myself... Get your butt up on that treadclimber and quit your whinin. So I did. House music blaring, sweat glistening on my body, feelin good. Ok self, we're workin the front, now lets work the back! People do it all the time, including myself.. put the treadclimber on stationary and on a slow setting, hold on to the rails and walk backwards to work the back side of your body.

So I do it. Things are fine.. Dad walks in to bitch at me about something most likely and I look in his direction and ... SHIT SHIT! LOST FOOTING! I see my left foot heading for the plastic wheel at the end of the treadclimber and my baby toe hit the plastic now forming what looks like the Vulcan Live Long and Prosper sign, except on my feet. I grab the hand rail and try to lift myself off the treadclimber. But the treads are still running and I lose footing again. BAM! Left foot, baby toe hits again. :o(

This could not... be... good.

I dont even remember if it was me or my dad who turned off the machine, but now I'm sitting on my butt on the treads. "Are you ok?" Dad asks. He looks at my toe that is now facing twisted and to the east. He keeps insisting it's dislocated and keeps trying to touch it so he can pull it back into the socket. "NOOOO! DONT TOUCH IT!" I yell as I guard my toe. He shrugs his shoulders and leaves me there with my toe. alone. to go watch tv downstairs and fall asleep. GEE THANKS.

My daughter is concerned. She instantly brings me a bag of frozen peas to keep the swelling down. I sit there.. pondering what to do. Hospital? No Hospital? Is it dislocated or broken? Is it just swollen? I listen to my gut and ask my mom to take me to the hospital

I use my good leg to hop around for the rest of the evening. Hop into the hospital, Hop into triage. hop hop hop. I'm too embarassed to tell the intake nurse exactly how I hurt my toe, so I just told her I hurt my toe and showed her, not telling her it was because I was being slick walking backwards on my treadclimber :oS

In the waiting room I watch the slow transition of my toe from twisted to twisted and GROSS.

ewwww.. what is UP with my toe? I can't even hop around anymore. My legs are sore and I'm tired. so we get a wheelchair. One that is not inclined to those with less meaty bums like me lol.. I finally get brought in for xrays and my toe keeps looking worse and worse. Eventually the doctor comes and tells me "Yup, It's broken" *record slowing down sound* WREEEEEAAARRRRRRRR... WHAT?! "I had hoped you were going to say it's just dislocated" "No" he says, "Unfortunately, there's not much we can doe because it's your toe. We can't cast it, so all you can do is tape it." He pulls out tape and gauze. He tapes it up. It hurts like a BITCH. "Now, the bone is going to heal but it is not going to look like your other baby toe anymore because it's kinda twisted. You'll have to keep wrapping it for 4-6 weeks"

My beautiful feeeeet! noooo! The first thing I say to my mom is when we get home, we're twisting this into proper position so it heals properly. She agrees. She wheels me out of the hospital and to the car and I hobble in.

Just call me hop along holly. (sigh) You know.. just last weekend I was wearing THESE:

Guess I won't be wearing ANYTHING like this for a while.. (SAD FACE)

We get home and get to wrapping this thing proper. I have an extremely high threshold for pain. Hell I gave birth and never screamed once. Yes I sobbed the whole time, but never screamed. "Ready?" mom says as she starts to pull the tape on my feet. I brace myself.MY GAWD it HURT like HELL. Water started coming from my eyes. BUT I think this wrapping is better. It should heal more like my other foot now. what do you think?

I hate taking drugs. As you should all know by now I'm all about holistic health and prescription drugs do not come into play here. They do so much more damage than good. I'm a trooper I'm a soldier. I can cope with the pain.. I think..

Mar. 12th, 2010



random shizms..

Hello family

What's new with you all?

I've been BUSY BUSY BUSY with school. If I'm not studying, I'm reading or doing an assignment or working on a paper, or project and TRYING to get some sleep in between. I'll actually be repping my school (Institute of Holistic Nutrition) at the Total Health Show from 2-4 tomorrow. If you're there, stop by and say hi!

What else has been goin on in Ms Kaysun's life? .. other than school? stupid boys. I use the word boys because I've yet to meet a MAN. How very interesting life gets as we get older. We think age=maturity .. but it doesn't. It's more a frame of mind.

I've let go of a lot of boys in my life in the past ohhh.. year or two... but I'd rather be chillin by myself than having to endure a little boy's tantrums when mama doesnt give him what he wants.

As for music .. due to school, it's been tough to get much musically done, and I really miss music. A LOT. I see all my musical friends doing their thing and it makes me miss it even more. I've written a couple of songs, which I hope to get into the studio to put down in the next week or so.

I'm hittin The Main Ingredient tomorrow night! oohwee, time to put on my dancin shoes as dj's Agile, Sean Sax and Mensa spin on the 1's and 2's.

Time for mama to put on her dancin shoes! It's been TOO long since I've had some fun!

What are y'all up to this weekend?

Peace and light,


I leave you with Gaga ft. Beyonce Telephone vid. MAN THIS VID IS FIERCE! LOVE IT.

Feb. 18th, 2010



Valentine's Shmalentine's

So.. Happy belated Valentines Day, and Chinese New Year!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not much of a romantic. I'm not into the hoakey notebook crap with the rose petals and sappy poems.

But I do appreciate love, and not that flaky fake kind. REAL love. The kind you dont need a special day for. The kind you gush EVERY day to your loved one.

Be warned. I'm about to get mushy. lol. .. but not in a "notebook" kinda way.

I'm definitely not the type of girl who fantasizes about the white dress and picket fence avec cocker spaniel and volvo and 2.5 kids, but I do want to be loved. Who doesn't right?

I have been fortunate to be involved in the type of love that still feels new 10 years down the road. The type of love where you don't have to say a word to one another, yet you know exactly what the other is saying just by looking into their eyes. The kind where you still get butterflies when you see them coming your way. The rare kind that most never get to experience. Some might say that's infatuation.. Nah.. years down the road? It's too late for that. Years down the road .. that's LOVE. REAL.. TRUE.. LOVE.

and I had it.. once.


Will I ever have that again? Mind you, I was not the one who let it slip, but I am now without it regardless.

Have any of you ever let a love like that slip through your fingers only to settle for Mr. or Ms. Good enough? Do you wonder what might have been with the person that was probably your soul mate if you hadn't settled for Mr/Ms Good Enough?

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day. I hope you all did NOT get your significant chocolate so they can get that extra jiggle round their midriff lol. that is EVIL and NAUGHTY.

If you haven't seen it yet, here's my latest youtube vid: A Hoakey Valentine's Special

Jan. 21st, 2010



pants on the ground

if y'all havent guessed it by now, I'm a BIG GOOF.

I saw the pants on the ground audition on American Idol and I couldn't help it. I had to get out my iPod and make a remix with my T-Pain app lol. so here it is!


til next time!

Kaysun out!

Jan. 17th, 2010



I can be super silly sometimes

Proof in the puddin ...

Kaysun, T-Pain Pants On the Ground Remix: CLICK

til next time...

Kaysun out!

Jan. 8th, 2010




HAPPY NEW YEAR and Welcome to 2010!

Most people have resolutions for the new year. I don't really do that because I'm constantly on a mission to be a better me; which brings me to my blog topic for today.


I have had a life of many struggles. Struggles that I wouldn't wish on anyone.. and those struggles have made their scars on my spirit .. but I can confidently say that I am a soldier. I am resilient. "Ain't nothin gonna break my style". :o)

My "battle" scars if you will, did have a negative impact on my life, and I was for a long time, down in the dumps .. dumping on myself .. feeling underserving of happiness.

That person has been dead for a while. Negative Kaysun has finally been buried and I'm glad for it because now I can honestly and confidently say that I LOVE ME.

People, if we dont have love for ourselves.. true love .. how can we open our hearts to others? How can we live a fulfilling life, filled with fulfilling people and surrounded by warmth and love? How will we ever be able to be open and willing to receiving what is deserving to us, if you do not have the magnetism of love within yourself?

So here's to 2010.

Let's stop looking at what and who is around us and start looking what's INSIDE of OURSELVES. What makes you happy? Truly? Once you can figure that out and get to the source of it, the negativity in your life will dwindle away until all that's left is light.

Peace, Love and Light my people.

And in honour of not letting no one stop our stride, here's Matthew Wilder's Nobody's Gonna Break My Stride

Kaysun out!

Nov. 22nd, 2009




Whats up fam?!?! I'm back with another blog!

First off, I just want to thank all the fans who came out to support me and my music! I love you all!

We packed the house with about 300 people and it was lovely to see!

For those of you who missed it, I felt you there in spirit and I know you want to see what you missed, so I've included video for you (LUCKY YOU). :oP

Do I rant? Should I rant? ok.. I'll rant.

The sound from the crowds perspective was GREAT! Us performers on the stage though? not so much... No one could hear what the other was doing. I couldnt really hear myself except from the middle monitor at the front. So I didn't feel I had the freedom to really move around the stage because I couldn't hear myself or the others.

OTHER than THAT.. I had a blast!!! I always do no matter what!I love performing, I love music.. Any musician/artist knows.. you do it for the love of it,it's def not for the money LOL ;o)

There are more songs that I performed which I will be putting together just audio and pictures coming soon!

Until then, Kaysun out!!!!

BTW.. hit my site kaysunmusic.com up to subscribe to my youtube channel, my twitter, facebook fan page yada yada sis boom bada...

peace and love!







Thanks for stoppin by!

Nov. 7th, 2009




Hey fam..

It's been a minute. Your girl has been running around like a mad woman with music, life, and newly school. I'm happy to say I've started studying Holistic and Sports Nutrition. A passion of mine. :o)

So now I'm doin 2 things I'm passionate about. Music and True Health (Mind, Body, Spirit.

I think my purpose on Earth this time around is to help people; to heal people. I already do that with my music. Yes I write the lyrics for both myself and my fans, sometimes a self mantra, sometimes just an experience I want to write about that my fans can also identify with.

It feels good to know that through my music I'm making a difference in someone's life. What a wonderful thing! And now I can add the same feeling from helping people feel better health wise with nutrition and energy work.

I gotta say folks... these days.. I'm pretty damn happy with being me.

ANYHOO.. ON TO OTHER THINGS.. I'M PERFORMING TONIGHT AT THE OPERA HOUSE, 8:30! Hope to see you all there! I look forward to seeing your faces smiling up at me. I love the love!!! (Flyer below)

Also a lil promo from THE Toronto Site, TOFlo.com!


Much love fam! Gotta fly! (whooooosh) speaking of that lol, I was Supergirl for my baby nieces superhero party! check me out!

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